Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to End a Slump: Pete Rose's Advice for Ichiro

Back in 2002 I met Pete Rose at a baseball fantasy camp and there he shared his advice on how to get out of a slump.

I wonder if Ichiro has ever heard these tips from Pete? Here it is.

Pete says: Don't over think it. Don't over adjust. Don't change your stance or your overall approach.

Just do one of six things:

- Choke up on the bat
- Choke down
- Move towards the pitcher
- Move away from the pitcher
- Move closer to the plate
- Move away from the plate

Do any of these six things and eventually the ball will get through for a hit, and you'll get back into your groove as a hitter.

Ichiro and the rest of us can take or leave Pete's advice.

Pete will tell you ... he wasn't the best hitter, just the guy with the most hits ;-)

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  1. BTW, Ichiro is currently hitting .262 (102 H/389 AB) in 94 games. That's an average of 1.085 hits per game.

    For him to get back on pace for 200 hits, he will need to hit .326 (98 H / 301 AB) in the next 68 games, an average of 1.441 hits per... game. (This is slightly higher than his career 11-season average of 1.396 hits per game.)

    Ichiro averages 4.26 AB per game, or 690 AB per season. (162 x 4.26 = 690). If he gets out of his slump and hits .326 in the next 68 games to reach 200 hits, he would still end the season with a .290 batting average (200 H / 690 AB = .290).

    In case you were wondering ... ;-)